Introduction, Stationery Corner

Stationery Corner

Oh, how we all adore stationery – don’t we? The adorable gel pens we had when we were younger (or still have and use), the notebooks with different coloured pages, those mechanical pencils that eke out more lead at a simple shake. For most artists, especially those of us who still prefer to handwrite or draw, stationery is a very important aspect of our lives. I’ve had instances where I haven’t used a notebook because I was afraid I would destroy its loveliness, and only just recently, dug out 6 or 7 unused notebooks and found 10 or so pens that I hadn’t yet used from the drawers of my desk.

I’ve had my own funny quirks in the past – I only deigned to use one type of pen during all 13 of my final exams, and the colour of my pen could not match the colour of the lines on the paper I was writing on. I’m especially picky about all my notebooks – they have to be a particular size, the lines have to be a particular width, and the paper has to be of a certain quality.

So, in the vein of celebrating the amazingness that is stationery, the wonderful Ivy Alvarez and I have decided to bring you Stationery Corner. It fits in quite brilliantly with the name of the magazine (which wasn’t intentional, I swear!) and will provide us with a space to provide reviews and thoughts on different types of stationery. It won’t all be solemn and serious, I promise – it will be both funny and informative at the same time.

I’m excited, Ivy is excited, everyone should be excited! Watch this space for more of Stationery Corner, and feel free to provide us with suggestions for potential items to review!

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