Stationery Corner

A Diary and a Pen

Edition 1 of Stationery Corner kicks off with a review of Pilot: A Diary for Writers, and the Online Best Writer College fountain pen.


I was introduced to the Pilot diary by one of my Twitter friends, and after taking advantage of the handy pre-order function, it arrived in my letterbox late last week. The front and back covers are sturdy, and also made from recycled paper – so double the goodness! It is spiral bound, which, for me, is a little awkward, but this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan of spiral binding at the best of times.

This diary is tailor made for Australian writers, with words of encouragement from Australian writing organisations like Kill Your Darlings and The Australian Writers Centre, as well as tweets and quotes on each weekly spread. There’s good advice in there for writers of all kinds, though – including information about submitting manuscripts, and common editing symbols. There is also a dedicated space for you to record your submissions for the year, and their outcomes, including any feedback you receive from editors.



There’s enough space in the weekly spreads to note down appointments – though if you usually have a lot of meetings to attend, you might want to either consider writing a little smaller or getting another, larger diary to note down the details of these appointments. There is also space on the opposing page to jot down any notes or reminders you may need. I’m probably going to use this as an “at home” diary, mainly because I think the spiral binding will make it a little too clunky to carry around. Nevertheless, I still think the cost of the diary is worth it for the advice that you get, both at the beginning and through each week, as well as the fact that all the festivals and major competitions are listed in one easily accessible place.There is a handy ribbon to mark your place, and a section at the beginning of each month to note down some writing goals.

Now – onto the pen. I’m only just starting to get back into fountain pens, and I’m loving it! There are some others I’m interested in reviewing and I have a couple on the way, so keep your eyes peeled for those! Today I’m talking about the Best Writer College pen from Online. I bought it on a whim, mainly because it had pineapples on it, but they have a whole heap of other funky designs if you’re not a pineapple or a fruit person.

I think it cost me $25, and for that price, I honestly wasn’t expecting that much. However, it’s a pretty nifty little pen. I’m just using the ‘normal’ royal blue ink, but it writes very smoothly, and I haven’t had any issues with pen maintenance yet. Interestingly, the ink cartridges that Online makes now are double pronged – one end fits into Online pens, but the other end is suitable for Lamy pens as well, if you’re in a tight spot. This pen just comes with one nib size, but it’s comparable to a medium nib. It’s great for every day writing, even for someone who has tiny writing like me!


If you’d like to get the diary, grab one from the Pilot website here. If you have a Notemaker account, they’re available there too! Click here to take a squiz. As for the pen, I got mine from the Pen Shoppe in Brisbane City, but you can see the pen on the Online store here. (It is in German, though).

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