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Writers Festival Edition

I’ve always loved literary festivals, but this year the Brisbane Writers Festival and the Melbourne Writers Festival upped their game by introducing a series of notebooks for sale (or to win!) – the perfect money maker for stationery nerds like myself. Admittedly, my collection of MWF notebooks were gifted to me using the power of Twitter, but I remember making a fairly unearthly scream when I first saw a photo of them. I *did* buy my BWF notebooks, thereby immortalising (at least in my memory) the… interesting events that transpired during the week.


The MWF notebooks are essentially a set of special edition Moleskine cahiers, with a literary quote printed on each cover. A worthy addition to my growing collection of Moleskine notebooks, the brown, corkboard-like colour wouldn’t necessarily have been my first choice, but it has been growing on me. The covers are made from cardboard (or at least, a thicker kind of card), without the glossy shine of a pack of cahiers I had bought recently. It just means I have to be more careful with it around water, juice, soup, etc. Each of the cahiers is lined, forcing me to get over my fear of notebooks where the lines are too wide for my (comparatively) teeny tiny writing. I’ve currently been using one as a safe haven for all my haphazard notes for Pencilled In, and it’s been working a charm. As with all Moleskines, I find that the paper is more absorbent to ink than some others (like Leuchtturm), so I have to be careful when I use something like my Pilot Metropolitan with a medium nib, compared to my Lamy Safari with an extra fine nib. I haven’t tested out my theory with gel pens yet, but I would probably expect a similar result.


The BWF notebooks are smaller than the MWF ones. They’re about an A6 size, just a little bigger than the pocket sized Moleskine notebooks. The three of them are very different, and tailored to the themes of this year’s festival. I’m kind of in love with the colours and the way they work together – and I’m not even a fan of pink! Kathleen Jennings, BWF’s artist-in-residence, provided the drawings for the cover of one of these notebooks, documenting the launch of “uplit” in spectacularly adorable fashion. The notebooks are blank, perfect for writing, drawing, or doodling, and the paper quality isn’t bad either (and this is coming from someone who is super picky about the types of paper in her notebooks).

I’m a bit sad that these aren’t for sale any more, and a bit afraid that I’ll regress into that mode of “not using a notebook forever because it’s too pretty”. But they are terrific, and I love them very much – I just hope that this “trend” is here to stay.

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