Pen Licence

Why should the big kids get all the fun?

Pen Licence is a publication for teen Asian Australian artists to hone their craft, work with other Asian Australian artists, and to see their work published. We hope it will be a jumping off point for those who are looking at exploring the arts world as a possible career. We acknowledge that younger artists may need more mentorship, so all contributors will get one on one editorial time with the editor-in-chief, art director, or a well established Asian Australian artist (think names like Rebecca Lim and Shalini Akhil).

We are always open for submissions for Pen Licence, but we are aiming for it to be a biannual publication. All contributors will be paid, and will also receive a hard copy of the magazine. Submission guidelines are the same for Pencilled In, except fiction and non fiction will be limited to 1500 words.

Please email all enquiries and submissions to Don’t be afraid – we don’t bite!