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Review: Romeo is Not the Only Fruit

Gem Mahadeo Stabbed. Sacrificed. Strangled. A sparsely adorned stage, three queer actors of colour (Pallavi Waghmode, Sasha Chong, and Nisha Joseph) as potential wise crones strike poses reminiscent of Destiny’s Child, though they function largely as bawdy Shakespearean chorus wit and cheek throughout Jean Tong’s musical production, Romeo Is  ...

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Q&A – Faizal Abdullah and “Hawa”

Faizal Abdullah is the artistic director of Hatch Theatrics, a collective of theatre practitioners in Singapore. Hatch Theatrics will be bringing their award winning show, Hawa, to the Brisbane Festival this year, and we sat down to talk to Faizal about theatre in Singapore, audience reactions to Hawa, and the ways in which it tackles issues  ...

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