Just over six months ago, I wrote a piece for Brain Mill Press regarding the dearth of Asian Australian writing readily available for Australian audiences. Growing up and being a voracious reader, I think I’d always known that something wasn’t quite right, but I’d never been able to put my finger on it – so I was both relieved and upset when I’d figured out exactly what it was that I’d been missing. I’d also had the idea to start something of a collective or a literary magazine for a while, so I decided to combine the two, and here we are!

I’m still nutting out the specifics – but the vision is to have both print and digital versions, and to provide a virtual space on which contributing artists can connect and collaborate. I’m hoping to publish reviews of books, films, and TV shows written, directed, or starring Asian Australian artists on the Pencilled In website, as well as some interviews. Finally, I’m also launching Flicker and Flash, a short and sharp flash fiction project that plays on the meanings of pencilling something in (many thanks to Grace McCarter for the idea!)

Ultimately, this whole venture is a gamble. But I think about young me, and young people around the country being discouraged from a career in the arts, and I know that this is a gamble that is worth taking. I can only hope that you will come on this journey with me.

 – Yen-Rong

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