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Review: Ms Marvel, Volume 1

Gem Mahadeo Greater south-east London, mid-1980s. My younger brother and I hold each of my mother’s hands. We’re walking to school in Plumstead. Another child, across the road from us accompanied by their mother, yells “F—ing Pakis, go home!”. Instead of getting told off their elder siblings goad them to continue. My own mother doesn’t  ...

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Ang’s Artists: Jillian Tamaki

Art Director Rachel Ang does a series on some of her favourite artists. Like most kids, I grew up reading a lot of Tintin, Asterix and Peanuts, and as a teenager, I got more into Dan Clowes and Frank Miller. After high school I stopped reading comic books. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably because I started studying Painting and thought I  ...

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